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With every MyBox storage box or storage container, you benefit from additional space for your goods or moving items. Whatever you want to store or "park in between" is optimally stored in our modern, privacy-protected warehouse.

The corridors in front of the boxes are cleaned every day, and an autonomous cleaning robot literally ensures order. So dust, dirt and Co. have no chance, and your stored items are optimally protected in your storage box.

An additional service that is impressive and that our private and commercial customers are happy to take advantage of.

Tip: Just have your parcels, packages or pallets delivered directly to your MyBox warehouse. This also saves time and money. Try it.

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Our Story

June 2011

In June 2011, MyBox opened its first self-storage facility in Bochum.

July 2012

Expansion phase 1 of our self-storage boxes in Bochum to 300 boxes.

September 2013

Expansion phase 2 of our self-storage boxes in Bochum to 500 boxes.

March 2014

Expansion phase 3 of our self-storage boxes in Bochum to 750 boxes.

September 2016

Expansion phase 4 of our self-storage boxes in Bochum to 1000 boxes.

January 2018

MyBox changes company philosophy into SmartStorage. 80% of the digitization has been implemented since 2014.

July 2018

Foundation of MyBox Münster GmbH and start of construction of the second MyBox location in Münster.

October 2018

Start of production of our own SmartStorage system with automatic SelfStorage doors. Opening of the second self-storage location and completion of the digital transformation.

October 2021

Expansion of the boxes in Münster and opening of MyOffice co-working

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