3 tips to store art
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3 tips to store art
Maximilian Astroh

Whether you're a gallerist with showrooms or a casual collector, maintaining art properly is the key to keeping the works for years to come. In the following, we would like to highlight some ways to avoid damage and ensure that your collection will retain or increase in value over time.

Tips for Storing Art, in a Self Storage Storage Box

1.  Pack the artifact properly

Store your favorite items properly

Similar to almost everything you want to keep, first evaluate the current state of the piece and clean it up. Make sure that it is completely free of debris that can only worsen in condition or cause unintentional debris over time.

Think about how your artworks were packaged when you brought them home or when they were delivered to your gallery. This will give you a good starting point for determining how to pack your art for storage.

If you're not sure where to start, protect the edges with cardboard and think about investing in acid-free paper to place it on either side of the artwork. The composition of acid-free paper protects important documents and graphics during long-term storage. With a sheet of acid-free paper and a few layers of cardboard before and behind the front and back, direct damage or bends can be avoided before they are placed in a cardboard box.

2. Chose the right storage space

Clean, dry & secure

Art requires specific moisture levels to ensure proper conservation. This will often be at 50% humidity, but may vary depending on the material type and specific requirements of your piece. 

Know and create a list of the various elements and materials that make up your artwork before choosing a storage location. Of course, a storage box for your occasion, ideal.

3. Stuck upright and with enough space

Use intermediate space

Once the item is ready for storage, you have selected a suitable self-storage solution and have transported the item from its former home to its long-term storage bin, you must pay attention to the placement among other items in your storeroom.

If you store your artifacts with other objects, you should make sure that placing them does not accidentally put all of your items at risk.

Note two important points:

  • Keep the artifact upright positioned to avoid stepping on the object.

  • Give it space and put no objects on the artwork. This is particularly true if the artwork has been stored flat rather than upright, as the weight of additional items can damage the piece and cause undesirable indentations.

If you have no room in your house or if the conditions are not suitable for storing your artwork, a climate and humidity controlled storage unit could be the ideal solution. Here you will find an overview of our self storage prices for MyBox storage space which is optimally suited for the storage of records.

Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten

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In a 1m2 storage box, you can stow up to 30 boxes and is enough for collectors.

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Reception of Goods

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Smart Storage

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3 tips to store art
Maximilian Astroh 25 May, 2018
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