4 ways your business can benefit from a storage box
4 February, 2018 by
4 ways your business can benefit from a storage box
Miriam Wray

The majority of office workers believe that good organization improves performance. However, nearly half agree that they are not organized, mainly because many do not know where to start organizing.

Businesses and employees who do not know where to start when they want to organize their workspace can start with self storage storage. This can help store additional office inventory, free up office space, and securely archive important documents.

Below, we'll introduce four self-storage solutions that help businesses clear out and improve their productivity.

Storing Files and Documents

Businesses often need to keep confidential documents for up to 20 years. However, this can be a security risk if not adequately and safely stored.

A self-storage storage box can provide organizations with a secure and cost-effective way to archive confidential documents such as employment and tax records.

To avoid confusion on the ground and to ensure data is kept safe, companies should consider facilities that offer world-class security and air-conditioned, dry storage. The following features ensure that business owners can outsource important documents and protect documents:

  • Video surveillance - 24/7, around the clockr

  • Protection against strong temperature fluctuations

  • Protection against moisture

  • Admission only for owners of an individual PIN

  • Individual alarm protection on each storage door

Storage room for restaurant owners

Restaurant owners can better organize and manage their business by offloading seasonal gear, furniture, and inventory in a self storage storage box. Often, there is not enough room to safely and effectively store seasonal and current items. In order to create a spacious and comfortable environment for employees and valued guests, restaurants should store the following items when not in use:

  • Dishes

  • Extra Inventory

  • Janitorial Supplies

  • Kitchen Goods

  • Non-perishable foods)

  • Patio furniture

  • Seasonal decoration

Short-term Stock

Companies that are renovating or moving may use a self storage storage box to temporarily store things during the process. These companies should also choose a warehouse facility that offers vans for customers to reduce stress and further improve their organization.

The specific requirements can vary from company to company. So it's a good idea to choose a device that offers a variety of unit sizes to meet all your business needs. During construction or relocation, companies can store the following in their storage box:

  • Break room equipment (eg coffee maker, toaster, microwave)

  • Room dividers from open-plan offices

  • Desktop computers and other IT devices

  • Files & Documents

  • Furniture (eg desks, chairs and sofas)

  • Office supplies (eg copy paper, folders and printers)

  • Office equipment

If your organization can not use your current or future facility during a renovation or relocation, consider using our customer-accessible meeting room.

Our Business and Conference Room

In addition to the reliable storage of physical assets, companies should choose a self-storage vendor that offers solutions to increase productivity. If you need extra space for larger meetings, use our fully equipped Business Conference Center.

We offer you:

  • A pleasant environment and good indoor climate

  • Computer, printer, fax and phone access

  • a very fast WiFi connection

Take advantage of our offer of parcel and goods receipt. We will then inform you by email when you have received a shipment and tell you from which safer room you can then pick them up.

In short, even companies with very diverse needs can benefit from using a storage box to protect their assets. These units provide a safe place to store items from sensitive documents to furniture. This allows companies to ensure that their property is protected while focusing on their important tasks.

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4 ways your business can benefit from a storage box
Miriam Wray 4 February, 2018
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