6 easy steps to use your attic again
8 February, 2018 by
6 easy steps to use your attic again
Miriam Wray

Spring cleaning is a matter of course but often we forget the areas that we do not see every day. If someone asked you to describe the exact contents of your attic, we estimate that you will find it difficult to enumerate the Christmas decorations and suitcases. However, as housing prices continue to rise, more and more of us are staying where we are and simply using the space we have better than before.

The attic is therefore the perfect opportunity to create and use more space in your home. If the space is used properly, you can eliminate crowded areas in your everyday living space, and before you know it, your home is the minimalist palace you've always dreamed of, without the stress of getting rid of things you want to keep.

Follow our 6 easy steps to organize (and use) your attic

1. Take a glance at what you store!

Go through everything you have in your attic and categorize it - keep, sell or dump. If you keep boxes of old clothes, faulty equipment and old furniture that you will never use again, it is clear that the room is wasted. Items that are never reused should be given away if they could be useful to someone else.

2. Bring everything downstairs what you do not need

Based on your list, start disposing of items that you no longer need. If you want to get rid of old clothes or books, you can donate them to charity (provided they are in good condition). Recycle old gadgets and furniture and go through all kinds of boxes with 'memories' and watch out for the pieces you want to keep. For items you want to sell, take pictures and publish them in local Facebook groups, Ebay Classifieds, or sell them on eBay or similar sites as an auction.

3. Look at how much space you really have

After you have freed up some space, you see for the first time how much space you actually have. Make sure you have enough room to move. Once you have an overview of space, you can decide what goes where.

4. Be selective at what you want to store at your attic

JNow that the system is clear and the attic is tidy up, do not just re-stack your attic with more trash you'll have to clean in a few years. Reminders for your children, clothes you want to keep or inherit, and items you need on an occasional basis (ski gear, camping gear, etc.) are fine for storage in the loft, but be reckless and keep only things that really mean something or you really used.

5. Use the right storage material

Storing clothes or reminders in trash bags is a big faux pas. Not only that the objects are exposed to the temperature fluctuations (which vary greatly in the attic during the year), but also to all types of vermin that can lurk. If you read our handy tips for storing clothes and any other items that may be damaged (photos / templates, etc.), the same rules apply. Plastic boxes with a lid are a lifesaver for long-term storage!

6. Label everything

Label each box and item with a list of items in it so you can quickly and easily search for items. You can even specify where everything is stored so that specific items can be found quickly. How to minimize the time you spend in a dark loft!

Finally, now that your loft is clean and well planned, try not to let it get out of control. It really is a great space saver and it should make the most of it!

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6 easy steps to use your attic again
Miriam Wray 8 February, 2018
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