6 good reasons why you need self storage
16 April, 2018 by
6 good reasons why you need self storage
Miriam Wray

Look around. Disorder far and wide? If so, you are in good company, because more than 50% of Germans admit that they have a regulatory problem. It is time for a change. In the following section, we explain why self-storage is indispensable to regulate your overloaded lifestyle.

The Curse of the Seasons 

It is May and the Easter Bunny has been with you for far too long. As the calendar scrolls into the next year, your home and business will move with you. Seasonal decorations need a decent storage space when your time is up and self storage is just the place. Keep your storage space at home for practical items that you use regularly rather than seasonally. Keep this space on your shelf for the popcorn machine you use for movie nights, rather than for Christmas decorations that are needed once a year. You'll be amazed how much more space you have when your shelves are free of overflowing seasonal boxes.

Storing Games

The average 10-year-old has 238 toys. To make matters worse, they only play with about 12 toys daily. Keep control of your game room by using a self-storage unit to hold toys that have not been in the top 12 lately. Storing toys helps to make room for the 'favorite' toys and prevents the purchase of new toys that are similar to the existing ones should the family grow.

Family Changes

Whether you are mourning the loss of a loved one, going through a divorce or raising your children, and starting to set up your own home, self-storage can help you make the transition. Certain items such as awards, photos and personal treasures are of course in the garbage, but always have a place in your heart. Self-storage is beneficial in short-term transitional processes and prevents you from prematurely separating yourself from things you might want to keep later on.

Space Thief Furniture

Furniture is the item most often outsourced, and with good reason. The furniture is big, bulky and often seasonal. When used only a few times a year, additional seating and tables with a self-storage space can make your home more spacious.

Garden furniture is best protected during the winter months when stored in a warehouse. In the basement it is often damp and thus mold can arise. For furniture in the interior, especially for antique or high-quality pieces, you are looking for a stock with the best climate control, so the value of your favorite pieces is preserved

Garage, Store or Parking Space?

Research has shown that garages are more likely to be used as a storage place than that they serve their purpose as a parking space for your car. About one in four Germans can not drive their car into their own garage because it is virtually built up with other unorganized possessions.

Outdoor parking decreased the value of your car more quickly, the paint is always attacked by environmental key and bird droppings. To make matters worse, it can only be protected from thieves by a good car alarm system and an expensive security system.

Everything that is housed in a garage and your car makes the parking controversy, you can also put in another storage unit and thus leave your car where it belongs, in your empty, tidy garage.

Completely full shelves - who does not know that?

First one shifts the clothes and finds alternative places for sweaters, trousers, shoes and Co. in the house. Whether this place is under your bed or in the dining dresser next to the dishes.

Everywhere one stashes clothes that you seasonal just can not wear. Even clothing is sasonal, so free your closet by outsourcing your wardrobe.

Thus, alternative places are spared from nonsense use and you keep track of your wardrobe and its contents.

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6 good reasons why you need self storage
Miriam Wray 16 April, 2018
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