A Guide for your move
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A Guide for your move
Miriam Wray

A comprehensive guide to moving

Whether you are moving to a new job or looking for a bigger, cheaper home for your growing family, moving is, as you know, hard work. To make the process less stressful, we have put together a guide to help make the move more exciting and hopefully less overwhelming.

Deciding to move 

Moving to a new area or city is a big commitment and an even bigger change for your lifestyle. Together with a new area, you may need to meet new people and start a new job, which can be daunting. Lay out your move plans early by paying attention to the following:

> Location

Where do you move? When you have decided, you look at your new environment and familiarize yourself with the area. See schools, transport links, shops, and local amenities to get an idea of ​​your new life. Once you have a better understanding of it, you will live, the move will be exciting, even encouraging!

Before you move

When you have found your new home, it is time to start planning your move! Once you have the commitment to the property, you have a lot to do and although some factors are out of your hands, it will help you to prepare and organize.

Start making lists and write down everything you need to do.

Other things to think about before you move:

> Organize your stuff

Once the contracts have been exchanged and a move date has been agreed, you must appoint your removal company. It will not hurt to plan which items must be packed first (and last) and where they are going in your new property. In other words, when it comes to packing, you can put your items in the right boxes at twice the speed.

> Compare offers from moving companies

Find out what different moving companies offer and compare prices to make sure you get the best deal. You may even consider using self-storage, which is a great option if you want to unpack more gradually than all at once.

During your move

The day of the move is an emotional, full of excitement and concern. Get ready for the removal company and say goodbye to old things that are no longer used before you move into your new home. There are a few extra things you can do to avoid stress:

> Pack your stuff intelligently

Put everything you could need in the first few days into a box and make sure it's easily accessible. That way, you can take your time unpacking. You can also find out more about this article, why it may be best to wait after the move to unpack.

> Communicate with a moving company

Once you arrive at your new apartment, communicate openly and unequivocally with the removal company to make sure they know exactly which room the boxes are to be carried.

After the move

After months of planning and hard work, you are finally in your new home and now it's time to enjoy it. After a hard day's relocation you can relax with your family and friends to celebrate the big occasion. Do not try to unpack everything at once - unpack each room individually and take the time to make the most of your new home. Take time to enjoy your new surroundings and to remember why you have decided to move; You will feel comfortable in no time!

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A Guide for your move
Miriam Wray 10 April, 2018
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