Companies that use MyBox Business Storage
4 January, 2018 by
Companies that use MyBox Business Storage
Miriam Wray

MyBox Business Storage - Superficially, self storage warehouses are not the most interesting matter - rows of rows of MyBoxes, uniformly lacquered doors, locks - it can look deserted. In reality, life is raging and the number of small businesses reporting MyBox Business Storage as their headquarters is increasing.

Which Small Businesses use Business Storage?

Business Storage for eBay-Trader

Independent eBay dealers are a large part of our self-storage customers. While we've all certainly had our experience selling on eBay, these entrepreneurs are doing business on a completely different scale. Maya Kolnevicz, a horse goods retailer, has been a MyBox customer for 5 years and has seen her business flourishing.

"The flexibility of MyBox Self Storage is one of the reasons why my business is so successful. During quiet times, I can easily switch to a smaller MyBox and thus save money. When the business started again, I grew just as easily. It's so wonderful to work in a place that responds to your needs - that's how storage costs reflect success."

Business Storage for Construction Companies

Entrepreneurs in the building segment often need additional space to store tools safely. Simon Tillmeyer is an electrician from Oberhausen who has won a 4-year contract with a major builder in Bochum. He decided to store his tool securely in Bochum for the duration of the job instead of transporting it on the Autobahn 40 every day. Furthermore, he has his materials delivered to his MyBox.

"When I found out that MyBox was signing up for my incoming shipments and storing them safely until I picked them up in a separate box, choosing a MyBox was a matter of course. It means to me that my team does not have to wait for deliveries and they are safe until pickup. My tools are safe and I can get my mybox on 24/7 - perfect for the early work starts in our industry."

Business Storage for Seasonal Businesses

Some products and services are tied to certain seasons or holidays, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. At Christmas, MyBox Self Storage is particularly moved and one of our customers, Thomas Severin, is creating gift baskets for companies as a service during this time.

"I started my business out of my living room and quickly grew beyond it. Now I rent every year from October a MyBox and leave everything I need for my gift baskets there deliver. When the orders come in slowly, I work out of my MyBox and send the goods to my recipients for my customers. When the business is over, I move out of the MyBox and reduce my costs to a minimum - I never have to commit myself long term - that's great! "


Other company types that book a MyBox

Business Storage for Importing Businesses

Our customers import and store wine (our air-conditioned MyBoxes are perfect for wine!), Electrics, cosmetics, groceries and more.

Business Storage for Exporting Goods

Our MyBoxes are perfect as a collection point for goods until they are exported.

Business Storage as External Document Archive

MyBox Self Storage is ideal for external storage of files. Our high safety standard means that even sensitive documents are safe with us.

Business Storage für Artists & Gallery Owner

Some of our MyBoxes are occupied by artists who need space to work, as well as gallery owners who store art.

Business Storage Deliveries

Our on-site staff can accept packages and other shipments for you and then store them in a secure box between, until you pick them up. We can not only accept parcels but also move pallets through the warehouse.

Here you find a complete overview of prices for storage boxes ans answers to frequently asked questions that might still be pending.

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Companies that use MyBox Business Storage
Miriam Wray 4 January, 2018
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