Create Space with Self Storage
1 March, 2018 by
Create Space with Self Storage
Miriam Wray

Create Space with Self Storage

Who does not know, the eternal problem of lack of space? Many individuals and traders have (at least temporarily) more things than can be accommodated in their own home. Slowly but surely, more things accumulate than storage space is available. The possessions pile up, the cellar is bursting at the seams, but to dispose of the things are just too bad.

Even those who combine their household with that of a partner know the problem of excess things. If a household is completely dissolved, often many valuable items for which, however, nobody has a real need. Even if the domicile is temporarily relocated, e.g. abroad, one faces the same problem: where to go with the move boxes? Friends and family do not always have space in the garage or in the basement and especially with larger, valuable and sensitive objects such places are often not optimal, they can even inflict irreparable damage to the objects with cold and moisture. Do you also know the feeling that you just do not know where to go? You are not alone, just under every fifth German household has insufficient storage space.

Rental warehouses are finally creating more space

As a rental warehouse or self storage or self storage, one understands a self storage center with individual rental units. The term Self Storage / Self Storage comes from the English. The idea for this type of storage room originated in the USA as early as the 1960s and enjoys great popularity worldwide. The low prices are not only due to the size of the rental units, also on a lot of staff is waived. The customer is virtually the warehouse. Rental warehouses offer units of different sizes that are clean, dry, secure, locked and easily accessible around the clock. Thus, the privacy and security of your property is always maintained. Your storage in Self Storage / Self Storage is always accessible, at any time, all year long. The self storage storage boxes from MyBox are extremely central, even in big cities. Another great advantage is the extremely flexible rental periods! Many people have already recognized the potential of self-storage centers, ie self-storage.

Rent a storage box and live more beautiful

So if you need more space in your own four walls than he has, the removal of furniture or similar should. to consider in the rental warehouse. The individual storage areas of MyBox are ideal for storing furniture, instruments, bulky sports equipment, moving boxes, garden furniture, household items, files, collections and much more. The rental period can be flexible on a daily basis. The storage rooms are always dry, clean and compared to traditional storage rooms particularly favorable - ideal to create space. Sooner or later, rental camps own are excellent as a storage area for private individuals and tradespeople. How about a self-experiment? When do you want to create more space and live better?

We also tell you how to store clothes, use the attic again and what storage space at MyBox costs.

Here you find a complete overview of our prices for a storage box and many answers to  frequently asked questions which are maybe still open.

Create Space with Self Storage
Miriam Wray 1 March, 2018
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