How a MyBox Self Storage Storage Box can help when a family  member dies.
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How a MyBox Self Storage Storage Box can help when a family  member dies.
Miriam Wray

Dealing with the consequences of a family death can be extremely stressful; Find out how a MyBox Self Storage Storage Box can help you when a family member dies giving you time and space to store things until you decide what to do next.

Sell a property

After a loss in the family, safe local storage may not enjoy your highest priority. But if you are planning to sell the property of the deceased, a MyBox Self Storage Storage Box will be a viable and effective way to support the sales process.

According to real estate professionals, the first impressions of shoppers - usually made within 7 to 10 seconds of arrival - are absolutely crucial to buying when you're evaluating a potential property. A survey from 2011 showed that the entrance and beautiful furnishings of the property can increase the sales value by 872%.

Now you know that it is worth cleaning up the house. What will you do with the belongings and furniture? There is no need to call on a disposal company, especially if items have a sentimental or financial value. So why not consider using MyBox Self Storage to keep belongings and valuables dry and secure while you're about to sell the house and decide what to do with everything later.

Rent a property

MyBox Self Storage can also help if a family member dies and you plan to rent the property instead of selling it. If you are investigating whether work is necessary inside, you can clear out the house and evaluate the property to decide if work is needed, such as: a new kitchen, new plaster on the walls or new flooring - before you rent it out.

Here is where a MyBox Self Storage Storage Box can help you and your family. You can move in on a day when space is needed and stay only as long as you actually need the space. This allows you to rent the property as quickly as possible without worrying about what to do with the furniture.

Resale Value

A MyBox Self Storage Storage Box can also help store things that you do not want to sell instantly but in the future. When you find the right place to sell items, you maximize your chances of getting the best price for your items. This obviously requires you to sell the pieces in different markets, auctions or e.g. sell on ebay, and it's unlikely that these will all take place at the same time. Regardless of your choice, if you have the items within close reach at short notice, you can keep your items safe and ensure that you have the ability to sell at the best price and in the right market.

Store memories and Souvenirs

Some items left by a family member can help financially, but there will be others who have a purely sentimental value. MyBox Self Storage provides an affordable and secure service for you to securely store these memories and souvenirs of your loved ones.


So, if you are faced with all the belongings of a deceased person, MyBox offers you a cheap and secure solution to store the items until you have decided what you want and can do with them.

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How a MyBox Self Storage Storage Box can help when a family  member dies.
Miriam Wray 15 March, 2018
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