How to clean up your living room and make more space
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How to clean up your living room and make more space
Miriam Wray

Living rooms are usually used to spend time with family, entertain and relax with guests. However, a disorder can quickly reach into the general space where everyone generally likes to stay for a long time.

By not losing sight of comfort and organization, you can reduce chaos and create a comfortable atmosphere to make you feel cosy and relaxed.

As such, should you store furniture or sell it?

In the following section, we explain some ways how you can organize yourself as a homeowner so that your living room always remains an oasis of well-being. It's all just a question of a right display and storage.

Use self storage in order to avoid chaos

Start by making sure you have enough space before you reorganize your things. Consider using the following containers to store things:

  • Coffee tables where you can store TV remotes or gaming consoles

  • Decorative baskets for housing toys

  • Use of beautiful newspaper and magazine stands

  • Stackable small shelves for storing z. b. Books, DVDs or home accessories

Clear the stage for the strategic layout of your living room furniture

With proper furniture staging, homeowners can get the most out of your living space. Consider the following measures to maximize space, comfort and safety:

  • Center your furniture on a specific item, such as a TV, a view, or a fireplace.

  • Place a beautifully selected, decorative waste paper basket to prevent the accumulation of unimportant sales letters to avoid newspapers.

  • A beautiful carpet under the seat unit visually marks the chill zone from the rest of the living room

  • Generate at least 36 inches of space between furniture so as not to lose the freedom of movement in the room

  • Furnish the common area with a nice big cuddly sofa on which every member of the family finds his place

Too many things, to few space?

A self-storage storage box is a useful solution if your living room is not big enough to store excess items such as coffee tables, rugs, televisions, game systems, home accessories, sofas, or beach chairs.

To protect the furniture, choose a service provider that offers a variety of units and sizes to meet your specific needs. A 1x1m or 2x1m unit is ideal for smaller items, such as books, underlay, chairs and room decor. However, 3x1m and 4x1m units can accommodate larger items, such as bookshelves, coffee tables or armchairs.

If you plan to reorganize your living space, take care of a 5x1m or 7x1m storage box to temporarily outsource any of your living room's undeleted treasures. In addition to smaller items, a large unit can accommodate items, such as entertainment systems and sofas. If you eventually expand your living space and have more space available through a change of residence, you have been able to bring all your outsourced items undamaged and immaculate in your new and big home.

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How to clean up your living room and make more space
Miriam Wray 27 April, 2018
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