Inventory and categorization of stored items
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Inventory and categorization of stored items
Miriam Wray
Self-storage units are an excellent solution for people who do not have enough space at home to keep all their belongings without unnecessarily overshadowing the home or the home.
However, with no organization and inventory records, clutter in your home can just as easily lead to clutter in your storage unit.

IHere are some organizational tips to help you get the most out of your storage space and easily access your personal belongings when you need them.

Caregorization of stored items

Organize your storage box
Organizing your storage box helps you find items more efficiently when needed. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your storage space:

  • Categorize your stuff by usage space, activity, or item size. For example, group all sports equipment together or keep the furniture in the living room close together.

  • Label boxes and containers. Tag the contents of each container with words like "dishes" or "seasonal items" to avoid having to dig through the boxes each time you need something.

  • Place the most commonly used front article. Determine which dines you need on a regular basis and then position them near the door for easy access.

  • Sketch a diagram. Create a visual representation of your unit's layout to find objects faster.

  • Store similar items together. Store items in the same category (seasonal items, clothing, or collectibles) together in specific areas of the storage box.

  • Take advantage of vertical space. Consider stacking items or storing them on shelves to make room.

Also, make sure you choose an appropriate size for your personal belongings. This ensures that you have enough storage space to effectively manage your items. If you are not sure which option best suits your needs, just use our storage room calculator.

Take inventory of all items in the storage box
Once your articles have been categorized, it's important to take stock of what's being stored. Write down your notes on paper or with a digital spreadsheet and be sure to record the following information when making a note:

  • Description of an item

  • Category of item

  • seasonality of item

  • Start date of storage

  • Storage Location of item

Keeping an eye on this information helps you identify and find articles faster. This saves you time and provides convenience when it's time to find something that you need.

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Inventory and categorization of stored items
Miriam Wray 6 March, 2019
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