How your stuff stays safe and secure while you are renovating

Miriam Wray

How your items stay safe and secure while you are renovating

When your house or apartment is renovated, stress and restlessness are inevitable. Many people prefer to do such work during the summer months, so that they can pitch a tent in the garden, or at least flee on holiday to avoid the chaos, when the worst comes to the worst. Of course, this is not always possible due to the availability of contractors and other professionals. If you're renovating at home, whether you're getting a new bathroom or a full extension, you've probably come to terms with constant dust, noise, and general chaos. These problems always occur during such work, but the autumn and winter months bring with them further challenges.

Safety during Autumn and Winter Months

Did you know that the probability of burglary increases by 25% in the autumn and winter months? Safety in your home can be difficult during renovations because workers tend to leave doors and windows open or even leave large holes in the wall depending on the type of work being done. Combine the two factors of increased break-in probability and lower security through renovations, and you have an above-average risk of burglary.

Normally attentive neighbors will also get used to the fact that various strangers will go in and out of your home and garden as a result of your renovations, and they are less likely to notice anyone entering your property who is not authorized to do so. A burglar and a construction worker may look very similar in the dark and they both carry tools.

Housesecurity & Renovations

You could take several steps to ensure the safety of your property during renovations.

First, you could try to leave a key with your contractor, so that he can access the property in your absence. If you do this, you should be aware that your home insurance is unlikely to be valid if damage is done to your home. If this is the most convenient way for you to endure your renovations, contact your home insurance company to let them know - they can increase the premium you have paid, or they say they will not cover you under these circumstances - at least you will Be clear about the state of your protection.

Even if you do not intend to leave your construction workers unattended, you should contact your home insurance company to let them know that renovations are taking place. You can raise your premiums and you can ask to see your contractor's insurance cover, but at least you can be sure that your belongings and property will be covered in case of fire or theft.

You may consider installing a safe in your accommodation where valuables and cash can be safely stored to prevent opportunistic theft. However, if major renovations are performed, it may be next to impossible to secure your home. If so, valuables or expensive items that could be loaded into a van by a burglar are at risk. Consider storing these items in a storage room for the few weeks your home is safe, so that they are safe (and protected from weather conditions).

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