Self Storage Box for Files

Miriam Wray
Businesses can create a large collection of files, documents, and datasets over time.
While many companies use electronic records to reduce paper waste, tax laws, employment and industry regulations often require companies to keep certain physical records for several years, even indefinitely.
Filing cabinets, boxes, and boxes that hold records for years can take up space that could otherwise be used for employee productivity
Store files in Self Storage

Store documents externally

Rather than having to expand your workspace to have or fear further flooding, companies can use a self-storage storage room to store sensitive documents.

MyBox Self Storage offers a variety of standard sizes of storage boxes that can safely hold any data collection

Examples of companies that can benefit from using self-storage for document storage are:

  • Pharmaceutical agents

  • Self-employed in a home office

  • Surgeries

  • Big companies and corporations

  • Small Businesses

The Significance of Security

Since some companies medical practices that are subject to legal privacy laws, it is imperative that you have a world-class security technology in your document warehouse to protect your records. MyBox Self Storage uses a proven security concept based on several cameras, access controls and locks as well as an individual alarm on each individual door.

Air-conditioned document storage

An added benefit of self storage, which is often overlooked, is climate control. The climate control regulates both the temperature and the humidity in your individual unit. This is important because exposure to moisture can damage the documents. A climate-controlled storage box can help to keep your confidential documents well in case you need archived files.

Here you find an overview of all Self Storage Prices for your storage room