Store furniture: what to store and what to sell

Miriam Wray

If you clean and organize different areas of your house or apartment, you may find furniture that you may not have the space for or that you do not currently need. Since furniture is typically large and takes up a lot of space, it can be difficult to decide on their fate, especially if they are still in good condition.

The modern self storage storage box has given consumers the convenience of storage space without restricting space in their home. The added benefits of optimal indoor climate allows to maintain pieces of furniture in better condition. Now you can realistically consider keeping large items, even when space at home is lacking.

Store or sell furniture?

Ask yourself the following questions to decide if you want to store or sell your unused furniture:

Is it a family heirloom or an antique that I would like to keep, but just does not have the place at home to store it?

Just because something has been passed on to you does not necessarily mean you have to exhibit it, especially if you have no room for it. If you have said that for sentimental reasons you feel connected to something and do not want to separate from it, plan to share an item in your family.

Can I see how I use this piece in my house again when I change the furniture of a room or when I move.

It may happen that a piece of furniture in which you have previously invested suddenly seems out of place when a room has been moved, painted or modernized. An expensive, dark, solid wood coffee table or a leather couch that you bought when you moved in with your parents may not fit well with the painted lemon walls and the bright decor of your living room.

If you are the type of person who frequently renovates, store this furniture for later use. Chances are, if you fell in love with the purchase, you should keep it, especially if it required a significant financial investment.

Is it something that is worth giving to my child or another family member in the future when it moves out?

Be sure to consider the condition of the piece if you have something that you believe your son or daughter could use if he either goes to college or becomes self-employed. Essential items such as sofas, chests of drawers, mattresses or bedsteads, which are in good condition, can be stored as valuables, as such items are not cheap if needed.

In addition, things that were not well maintained can look like new with a fresh coat of paint. Moreover,covers can be thrown on worn-out sofas.

The importance of climate control in a storage box

Climate-controlled storage boxes regulate the humidity, which is extremely important in furniture storage. Extreme heat or cold or moisture can have a negative impact on your beloved pieces of furniture. Unlike a basement, loft, or conventional storage unit where the climate can fluctuate, MyBox self-storage boxes can help prevent wood from warping or cracking, and fabrics that do not smell unpleasant

If you are in doubt, store the items.

Furniture that you really love or that you believe you will really benefit from in the future, you should definitely keep. Whether you're a frequent renovator, kids go to college, or just want to keep a family heirloom, keep furniture in a self-storage box at MyBox. This ensures that items remain within reach and space in your home.

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