Tipps for Storing Carpets

Secure & Clean Storage

Miriam Wray

But how can you keep your rug to make sure it does not get damaged or is a hot bed for beetles? 

Follow our tips to get your rug until next use.

Store carpets in Self Storage Storage Box

 Store the carpet. The first step to getting the carpet ready for storage is to clean it. Depending on the type and sensitivity of the carpet, either vacuum it thoroughly or remove it to remove the dirt. In addition to removing dirt that can cause damage, you also get rid of flea eggs, dust mites, etc., which can attract beetles during storage.

Consider washing, cleaning and preparing the carpet properly for storage. Part of the professional process is usually the application of an insect repellent.

Roll up, do not fold up. Always roll up your rug. Everything else causes wrinkles that are very hard to remove. The type of rolling depends on the condition of the carpet fibers (the density of the fibers of the carpet) and the condition of the foundation.

The storage room is crucial. The storage location is everything. Store your carpet in a cool, dry place with no natural light. Avoid basements and attics, as they have large temperature and humidity fluctuations. If possible, store the carpets slightly raised from the ground to help further with pest control. To protect the shape, do not stack objects on the carpet. Inspect your carpets every few months for signs of damage and perform the necessary maintenance work. Also clean the storage room regularly, including vacuuming and dusting.

If you have no space in your house or if the conditions are not suitable for storing your carpets, a climate and humidity controlled storage unit could be the ideal solution. Here you will find an overview of our self storage prices for your Maybox storage.