Sell your collection at the best price
5 February, 2018 by
Sell your collection at the best price
Miriam Wray

The beginning and development of a collection (from toy cars or stamps, Merklin trains to board games) is fun, compelling and very satisfying: collectors love the thrill of being able to add to your collection, talking to others about their purchases. Organize valuable possessions in a way that makes sense and highlights their favorite pieces. If they are kept under control (that is, if the cost does not exceed the collector's funds), collecting is harmless and endlessly entertaining - so why do collectors sometimes sell all their pride and joy?

Why people sell their collections?

We think some collectors are tired of their hobby, or at least a particular collection, and instead prefer to focus on something else. Of course, focusing on something else requires space, and so a new home for the old, redundant collection has to be found. Other collectors are forced to sell their beloved collection because they need more money than the three thousand trolls or umbrellas (or whatever is collected) or because they were forced to sell their collection to keep their marriage…

Vintage collectors themselves are usually aware of the value of their own collections, although sometimes they do not realize how much they own until they begin to take stock. On the other hand, relatives of deceased collectors and collectors of more up-to-date "collectibles" may either underestimate or overestimate the resale value of their relative's or their own collection, and may at best be pleased; disappointed or at worst exploited..

How do I sell collections at the best price?

We believe it is important to know the five different value types when assessing your collection: the catalog value, the insured value, the wholesale value, the sales value and the realized value. In our opinion, only the value realized is important and this should also take into account the value of the time spent on marketing and selling the collection. After you have carefully assessed the value of the collection, you can consider how best to sell it to maximize profits.:

  • Sell ​​the entire collection in a single transaction (this will generally be the lowest realized amount);

  • Sale through a third party (eg an auction house or dealer);

  • Sell ​​at an event (which is visited by other collectors or enthusiasts - you will probably need to attend several such events, and this method tends to generate lower returns);

  • Online sale (by auction or fixed price);

  • Donate to a museum (this can be both tax-advantaged and altruistic, and it ensures that your valuable collection is maintained and appreciated).

AAlternatively, MyBox Self Storage Storage offers you a storage box of the perfect size for your collection if you do not want to sell it or store it at home.

Here you can find a complete overview of all storage box prices and answers to frequently asked questions which might still be open.

Sell your collection at the best price
Miriam Wray 5 February, 2018
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