Store your wedding dress properly in 5 steps
22 February, 2018 by
Store your wedding dress properly in 5 steps
Miriam Wray

For many women, the perfect dress is an important part of their wedding day. Choosing the right dress is a difficult decision, and it's often a costly purchase - you have to, Mr. Right 'finally bring it together! With that in mind, it's important to protect your dress once the day is over. You may want to pass it on to future generations as a family heirloom and make sure it stays in the best shape - that's easy, but only with the right care and maintenance!

1. Clean your dress before storing it

It is imperative that your dress be cleaned and any stains removed before even considering storing it. Untreated stains will settle in the fabric over time and can not be removed. The sooner you clean your dress, the better. Check the recommended cleaning process for your garment and make sure that your chosen company is qualified to handle the material before making any final cleaning decisions. Before cleaning, you should also check that your cleaning company is insured against damage.


2. Pack your dress carefully after cleaning

There are 5 possible problems that can occur when a dress is misplaced

  • Tau - this usually occurs when a dress is exposed to temperature / humidity changes, and is most likely if stored in a polyethylene bag.

  • Dust dust can settle on the fabric over time and become a permanent stain.

  • Fade - permanent exposure may cause fading in certain areas

  • Oxidation - The action of air may cause uneven discoloration.

  • Yellowing - similar to oxidation, causes yellowing if packaging materials are not suitable.

To make sure your dress is stored properly, it is important to pack it in a suitable box. This means that you have to choose the right size to not squeeze and wrinkle your dress - hard wrinkles can become permanent over time. The dress should also be wrapped in acid-free pack silk and stored in a pH-neutral box to allow the tissue to breathe (while protecting it from light, dust and air). If you keep your wedding dress for a short time, acid-free pack silk should be enough, but a box will always provide extra protection (and give you peace of mind).


3. Put packages with silica gel in the box

Silica gel packages (the small bags that are included in new handbags and shoes) absorb any moisture in the air and protect your dress from mold.

4.  Find a suitable place to store your wrapped wedding dress

Do not store your dress in the attic or in the basement as this is your home location, which tends to extreme temperature changes. Good repositories can be in a suitcase under the bed or in a closet to make sure the box is not squeezed. Alternatively, we recommend of course storing the dress in a dry, clean and protected storage box at MyBox Self Storage. Take a look at our prices for storage space..

5. Check the dress and change the packaging

It is a good idea to see your dress every 1-2 years after your dress as you can adjust the storage conditions as needed. It's also a good idea to replace packaging (like the pack silk and silica gel packages) to make sure your dress stays fresh. If the box shows signs of damage, it should also be replaced.

Here you can find a complete overview of the prices for a storage box and answers to many frequently asked questions that might still be open.

Store your wedding dress properly in 5 steps
Miriam Wray 22 February, 2018
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