Storing Clothing in MyBox – Tips & Tricks
6 March, 2019 by
Storing Clothing in MyBox – Tips & Tricks
Miriam Wray

Storing Clothing in Self Storage

Believe it or not, there are countries in the world where citizens can wear the same clothes all year round if they want - they do not need to store clothes in self storage. In Germany, where we can experience all four seasons on our own day, it can be difficult to supply a seasonal wardrobe to which we constantly have the problem of not having enough space.

Most of us can divide your wardrobes into spring / summer and autumn / winter collections. The items we wear in spring and summer may sometimes be quite optimistic, but we do not want to be able to part with sporty shorts, short dresses and t-shirts even in the most volatile climate. You usually want to be able to access all possibilities. Especially the garments can wrinkle, be lost and forgotten with frustrating ease when buried under clothes we would normally wear in the traditionally colder months.

Conversely, our fall / winter clothing can shrink, deform and even become moldy as they sink into our wardrobes, while we insist on wearing thinner clothes intended for the warmer months.

The answer to the question of a crowded and under-utilized wardrobe is, of course, that we keep our spring / summer clothes away from our fall / winter clothes, so store the clothes in self-storage. Properly storing clothes requires a bit of preparation, but a wardrobe that does not burst at the seams (and where you'll find exactly what you're looking for on any given day) is well worth the effort. Here are a few tips on storing clothes that you probably will not wear for one or two seasons:

1. Wash your cloth


Before you put your favorite pieces in, you should clean your clothes properly. This can mean simply letting them run through the washing machine, or cleaning your clothes and thoroughly cleaning the floor. Do not bother ironing your clothes because you'll need to iron them again if you want them back, and honestly, who has time to iron his clothes twice? If you need to know before storage that an item needs to be cleaned, remember that deodorant and perfume can stain over time, attracting scary creepy-crawlies, dust, and dirt



Shoes and boots should be cleaned and polished (rub some oil into the leather items, but make sure to keep them separate from your other garments) and fill them up with kitchen paper or toilet paper to help them maintain their shape.



If you have not worn it for a year, you probably will not wear it anymore. You may have to come to terms with the idea that next year you will not use three sizes smaller or that they really do not go well with your tartan, or that the dog has really done a lot of damage to the jumper you love so much. Be reckless and sort your items into three piles: keep (store clothes in self storage), give them away for charity (or friends) and off to the trash.



Everything you want to keep should be checked for damage and repaired before storage. Your future self will thank you (if you get your items back) that you have sewed on missing buttons and repaired small holes.



Vacuum bags are great for storing clothes in self storage and can save you a lot of space. There is also something very satisfying when you see a huge bag with all your bulky winter sweaters that are shrunk steadily until it is almost miraculously thin. However, storing items of natural fibers such as wool and silk in a plastic bag can damage them and lose shape over time. Vacuum bags may be fine for a few weeks, but if you plan to leave your items there for a few months, opt for plastic storage boxes instead. (By the way, do not use cardboard boxes - you are not safe there from mice and moths). Choose boxes that have an airtight lid to keep pests out and keep your clothes dry, mold-free, and secure.


You may not need to iron your clothes, but you should still pack your clothes carefully. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom of the bag or box and lighter, more delicate items at the top. You'll find that more clothes fit in the same room when you roll them instead of folding them - that's a strange peculiarity of physics, but it seems to be true. Do not overfill your containers as your items may lose their shape and it will become a nightmare as soon as you have to swap and iron them again. If you have items that should be hung up instead of being rolled / folded, consider investing in a storage box with a clothes rack.

A wardrobe can be purchased at MyBox from just € 9.95. We also send you your packing materials home.


When storing clothes in Self Storage, the rule of thumb is that the temperature of the selected storage location should not exceed 23 ° C at a relative humidity of 55%. However, as long as you keep your clothes dry, cool, clean and dark (as bright light fades the colors), you will look as good as the day you put them in storage. If space is a problem in your home or house, or the basement is unsuitable due to humidity or temperature conditions, you should put your clothes in storage boxes for a few weeks or months in the care of a self-storage like MyBox. Here are your safe, clean and dry stored.


Do not forget your wardrobe or cupboard under the stairs or wherever you keep your hats, gloves and scarves in winter. You can also safely go to storage and free up some space in the warmer months.

Once you've stored your fall / winter clothing, it's easier to access your spring / summer clothing. When the months start to get cold again (or colder, anyway), you can get your fall / winter clothes out of stock and swap them with your spring / summer clothes by following the tips outlined above. Good luck storing clothing in self storage with our helpful tips to carry your favorite items for a long time. We are looking forward to your feedback.

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Storing Clothing in MyBox – Tips & Tricks
Miriam Wray 6 March, 2019
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