Top tips how you put your house in scene
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Top tips how you put your house in scene
Miriam Wray

Shoppers who want to buy a home do not just buy a house and certainly not your home. They are looking for a home. The best way to best present your home to prospective buyers is to create space, to suggest spaciousness, so that the potential new owner can let his imagination play and set up his or her own mind.

Here are helpful tips on how to optimally put your property in scene:

Be careful with the colours! 

Color determines the tone of a room. Keep the walls neutral for a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Vivid colors can be added to accents with cushions and flower arrangements, for example, to light up the space without overstraining the buyer's eye.

JAny possible color should be easy to remove, so your customers will not see your taste as their own residential project. If you're looking for a color, choose brighter tones to make rooms look bigger. Lighting should also be present to make darker corners appear brighter and friendlier.

clean up

Remove all the bells and whistles and family photos. Clear shelves make the rooms bigger, so that a clean and tidy impression is created. Only some of your favorite pieces should be shown. Design the rooms according to the motto less is more. Although it should look homely, but the customer should have the freedom to place his own furniture mentally.

Also, be careful with the space to store the removed items during the visit time. Typical hiding places, such as cupboards, should be avoided, as they may be opened, may be purchased along with them. Look for storage units for the transition until the house has found its new owner. Everything that you want to keep in mind during the sales time, you store out the best.

give every room a purpose

Stage each room with a unique purpose to help the client imagine how he could use the space in the future. This can mean rearranging or adding new furniture, restructuring rooms, turning them into an office, spare bedroom or recreation room. But it can also mean clearing out some of their things, outsourcing them, if there is a risk that they distract or confuse the buyer. Remove any unnecessary furniture and decor that does not explicitly fit the function of the room. 

The perfect combination of coziness and cleanliness

Dislike and mess with the potential buyers are not welcome. Thorough cleaning makes it easier for the buyer to conceive the property, to feel comfortable there. However, it is okay if you show that there is life in the house as well. Fluffy white fabrics, towels and candles placed in the master bath are acceptable ways to help shoppers see how cozy and comfortable the home is. On the other hand, toothpaste caked on the bathroom faucet is not that charming and should be thoroughly removed.

Place value on the first impression, inside as well as outside.

The first impression counts!! So take the time to present the house from the outside with its chocolate side. Beautiful plants, trimmed bushes and a mowed lawn are a must for a successful first impression. If you have a lot of outdoor gear, consider an easily accessible deposit to keep your garage or lawn free. So you can make everything looking neat, inviting and generous.

If you take all these things into consideration, nothing can stand in the way of a successful sale! If your home is sold successfully, you may need a place to store furniture and other things. A self storage storage box for storage in Bochum is the perfect solution. Here is an overview of our self storage prices for a MyBox storage room.

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Top tips how you put your house in scene
Miriam Wray 25 April, 2018
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