Why wait to unpack after moving?
22 March, 2019 by
Why wait to unpack after moving?
Miriam Wray

A move together with a divorce and a baby is top of the list as one of the most stressful life events. Any way of lightening up a little of the process will definitely get my approval. So is there a better starting point than with your belongings? Packing, transporting and unpacking all belongings at once is a big undertaking. Today, we want to delve deep into the reasons why slow unpacking can be the answer to a less stressful move.


Plan what you are packing! 

I can not stress enough how important it is to pack right when you leave your old home, as it can help so much when you finally arrive at your new home.

So many people just throw things into boxes thinking that it will be easier to fix the mess on the other end, but they could not be further from the truth. You may not only take things that you no longer want (paying more to move the extra stuff), but you also give yourself a lot of extra work at the other end of the process - just when you actually put your feet up and want to relax ...

After all, you'll spend weeks organizing the move. The last thing you want to face is a huge number of boxes - where you do not know what is where, what is needed right now, and what can wait. If you do not take the time to properly pack and label in your old home, you will be forced to open each box as soon as you go to the new apartment, and I know that would not amuse me. When you plan your packing process from the beginning, the speed at which you unpack at the other end changes. It can save you time and effort and the stress of getting everything out of the way as quickly as possible - and giving you the ability to do other things easier (which I'll discuss later).


So you pack, so you can unpack slower and more relaxed at the other end:

  • Pack each room in a row (start with the least used rooms so you will not miss the items so quickly).

  • Eliminate all items that you no longer need or would like to have (remember, not everything has to go to the garbage all the same, there are many things to look forward to doing). There is great potential here to save money and effort by not having to transport these discarded things anymore.

  • Separate all the items that you use regularly - the daily necessities, e.g. In the kitchen you would pack the kettle, toaster, cutlery and plates, etc. - just things you'll need right away.

  • Pack the rest separately (things that are nice but are not necessary, such as ornaments, books, pictures, etc.), and pack them with equals, i. except with other things that you do not need often

  • Label all boxes clearly (on all sides so that you can see at a glance what's in them) - make sure you write the space in the box, write on it and what kind of items are in it.

  • For the things you need every day - the things you need every day to live - you identify the boxes as "ESSENTIAL" or "IMPORTANT". That way, you know that you've packed exactly what you really want to bring to your new home. You have clearly marked things so you can find what you need faster, and you have immediately identified the things that you need to live your normal daily life. On the move day, you can now unpack these ESSENTIAL boxes and start living in your home.


And the rest? Well, that can be quite convenient, gradually unpacked.

But why ever waiting for unpacking?

You may expect that you should better unpack everything as soon as possible so that you can return to normal life faster - but it is not necessarily so! Start making lists and note down everything you need to do.

We've already moved a lot and gradual unpacking has served us well each time - here are the reasons why:


If you are not new to a brand new home, you do not know exactly how clean the previous residents were (even a new home might not be as clean as you would want, as there may still be dust from the building, etc .). You'll probably want to clean the house or apartment yourself before you collect everything, but as soon as your boxes and furniture land in the new house and are unpacked, the process of cleaning becomes so much more difficult. It simply takes less time and effort to clean before unpacking. This way, when you're unpacking, you know for sure that all your belongings are in a clean place - a great start to your new home!


You may have big plans for how you want to live in your new home - maybe you've planned it in your mind since you've promised the apartment / house - it's exciting too! But - wait at least a little while unpacking, it might be the best thing that could do for yourself - let me explain ...

You may have already seen how each room was used by the previous owners (for example - their dining room will automatically feel like a dining room for you, because that's the furniture you saw there). However, if you take more time to better understand the room and how you could benefit from it, then you might find that things could work better the other way round. When you unpack everything before you take that time, the process of moving things from room to room becomes so much more time consuming.

3 - allows you to unpack SLOWLY


We are busy beings. We live in a world where we always seem to be rushing and always looking for an extra hour. Finding the time to unpack everything right after the move can be a daunting challenge, to say the least. Doing everything at once, even if you are quick, can take a few days. The answer is to unpack more slowly and give yourself time to do it properly and in a less hurried and stressful manner. Since you have spent a lot of time packing, you can put the boxes you do not need in a room that you do not need to use right away, such as: As a guest room, unpack over time, if you find the time. Give yourself some space to breathe and it will not be that hard for you.


This is my favorite reason to unpack slowly - and it also has the biggest impact.


If you're considering doing any work in your new home right away (like a feature wall in a special color, etc.) why would you want to unpack everything so you have to work around it?

There were so many advantages in having some work, less in the house:

The craftsmen who do the work could complete their job much faster.

There are fewer disruptive factors because you did not have to keep things out of the way all the time..

There are fewer of your things that need to be cleaned every day (for example because of emery dust everywhere!).

It's the perfect solution, and if you're waiting to fully unpack, you can move to your home much faster and with less effort. But do not forget that you can unpack slowly, if you have packed your old home well - so sort wells and you already have half the rent in the box!


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Why wait to unpack after moving?
Miriam Wray 22 March, 2019
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