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Book a 24h van

Uncomplicated! Car rentals with Hertz are 24/7. Hertz 24/7 offers registered customers 24/7 availability. Limitation of liability is included!


Book your vehicle via the app, online or at the Hertz 24/7 terminal on site.


Simply open the vehicle via the app or enter the 6-digit access code.

You can find more information about the Pin Pad here .


The ignition key is located near the steering wheel and should always remain in the vehicle. Start the car & off you go!

How to do it

Book box. Receive promotional code. Register with Hertz 247 and book your vehicle

1. Book a box

To use a free van, please book a box first. After booking, you will then see your Hertz 247 discount code on the confirmation page of the booking box.

You can also see your booking code in your online rental agreement at any time. Just log into your portal .

2. Register on Hertz 24/7

As soon as you have received your promotional code, you can register with Hertz 24/7 and use your promotional code for the 24h free journey including 100km during registration.

You can only enter the promotion code during registration. If you are already a Hertz 24/7 customer, please contact the Hertz 24/7 hotline so that the promotion code can be credited to your profile.

3. Book a vehicle

Now you can finally start and book your vehicle on you at the desired date.

As soon as you have registered, you will automatically receive a positive invoice. This travel credit has been deposited in your Hertz customer account.

Now you can book your vehicle and your € 100 credit will be offset.

4. Storage

You have booked your vehicle and can now store your favorite items safely, cleanly and dry.

Do you notice on site that the box is too small or too big? No problem with MyBox.

Book a new box directly online 24 hours a day. You will get access immediately. After you have put your things in the new box, you can end your previous box in the portal. You will get your credit for the rental back to your account within 24 hours. Storage is as easy as that with MyBox.