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Self-storage with MyBox - this is the ideal solution if you want to create additional personal or business freedom. Experience has shown that renting storage space with MyBox is a valuable aid both in the private sector and with a view to simplifying professional or entrepreneurial projects. Thanks to the MyBox self-storage, you will be more flexible overall in many of the things you do and plan. Take advantage of the numerous opportunities to rent storage space at MyBox and save time and money on top of that. 

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Do you need additional storage space, well-protected and secure storage space for your furniture, for pictures of decorative objects? For example, because you are planning to move and have new furnishings? As a rule, no space can be placed in the best fi=or van space because there is simply not enough space available. Under these circumstances, keeping furniture in a MyBox storage room is always the best option according to the quality-conscious MyBox customers. Whether a small storage box or spacious storage space - MyBox offers you exactly the storage space in the m² size that you need for your project. So we can help in stressful situations.

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Private customers and entrepreneurs alike know it: spatial bottlenecks sometimes lead to hasty action, as certain situations require rapid intervention. For example, when it comes to sorting out and temporarily storing office or living room furniture. In order to save time, the furniture is often put outside without further ado, at least to save space inside. However, humidity and weather influences can affect the quality of the furniture practically "overnight". This makes it almost impossible to sell the old furniture at flea markets or thrift stores for a reasonable price. Accordingly, in some cases, there may be significant financial losses. No, but if you rent a storage space in good time and plan your furniture storage well from the start.

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