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Rent a MyBox storage box from 1m² 

Kitchens, household appliances, clothing or items for the flea market are often difficult to accommodate in your own four walls.
The need for space is usually considerably greater than the space actually available. Experience has shown that furniture, kitchens or living room or office furnishings are often better off externally. For example, when moving house or when renovation work I planned in the office.

Rent your dream storage box inexpensively and create free space 

At home or in the company there is often simply a lack of square meters. In view of this, how good it is to be able to store all objects, machines or decorative items safely and inexpensively in a self-storage storage box. Such storage rooms are also ideal for storing antiques, tools or even vintage cars. If you have such a flexible interim storage facility available, you benefit from a lot of flexibility. It doesn't matter which things you put in the storage box or for how long you want to rent the storage box. 

Book your storage box conveniently online 

We not only create freedom by letting you rent your storage box from us as you wish. We offer you a lot more. This is how we keep all aisles clean and hygienically clean every day. The autonomous cleaning robot helps diligently to ensure that your belongings are safely protected against dust and other soiling. Which storage box do you want to rent? Book your storage space right here at the best conditions - simply with a click of the mouse. 

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Furniture storage for the discerning - simple, efficient and flexible 

Do you want to store furniture or do you need a short-term storage space for larger instruments? Then you can book exactly the storage space you need directly online with us. Every storage room is clean and dry and of course cannot be viewed by third parties. This ensures additional security and maximum user comfort. Tailor-made solutions are what really help you when you are looking for a warehouse. Whichever storage space you choose: Each storage box can be easily reached by car or truck, so that you have access to your stored goods at all times. To be successful, your content must be useful to your readers. Start with the customer - find out what they want and offer it. 

Simply store it yourself - storage boxes for every need 

The numerous advantages of a storage box speak for themselves. You can book any storage container according to your needs with just a few clicks. Of course, storage with us can be canceled on a daily basis - for even more flexibility. Even the corresponding insurance is included in our service when you book online. 

Tips for Self Storage 

Did you know that no less than ten percent of a living space is used exclusively for storing items? If you put the red pencil on here, it quickly turns out that the resulting rental costs can sometimes assume utopian proportions when extrapolated. Another good reason to rent storage space from us today. In this way you can accommodate all the things that actually have no place in your life and are better cared for elsewhere. Of course, we also have plenty of storage space available for commercial customers. Self-storage for commercial customers

is all the rage. From the storage container to the storage room, from the self-storage storage box to the warehouse for vehicles, machines and Co. - you have the choice with us. And because we know that no business is everyday today and the success-oriented entrepreneur always has a feel for change, you can adjust your storage requirements with us at any time, just as you wish. Use the free goods receipt and benefit from the innovative smart storages. This and much more is a valuable basis for making your business as efficient as possible. 


Send parcels or pallets to MyBox. We accept your goods and inform you about the incoming goods. Free! As soon as your shipment has been delivered to our parcel acceptance box in the branch, we will inform you. 

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We hygienically clean all corridors every day with our autonomous cleaning robot to protect your things against dust and dirt. In order to ideally protect your goods, we use countermeasures from food production. 

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Pallet trucks, transport trolleys, hand trucks scissor lift trucks are available for daily use free of charge. Do you need special help with the transport? Just talk to us. We always find a SOLUTION, 

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