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Renting storage space in 48301 Nottuln and the surrounding area is very advantageous for both entrepreneurs and private individuals. In the vicinity of the idyllic small town with around 20,000 inhabitants, you can conveniently rent a warehouse and store all the things in it that you cannot store at home or in your office. You can find out the nearest MyBox location with just one click on our website. Whether it's old furniture or the new kitchen that you want to set up immediately after moving into your new apartment - MyBox Selfstorage literally offers 1,001 possibilities for more freedom for you.

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If you don't have a garage or a cellar at home, the question arises "every year": "What to do with summer or winter tires?" Objects of this kind can also be stored flexibly, dry and safely - in a storage space of your choice in Nottuln.


Entrepreneurs are increasingly using the modern storage boxes near Nottuln
If you want to store old files, tools or disused machines reliably, but there are no spatial possibilities on your commercial property, simply use the MyBox self-storage. You can store office furniture, rent a file warehouse to store files, or you can rent a custom-fit warehouse to store tools, work materials or other aids.

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